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The Strange World of Gurney Slade

Now on blu-ray with amazing extras!

Brilliantly inventive, startlingly surreal and unlike anything previously seen on television, The Strange World of Gurney Slade is to television comedy what The Prisoner has become to television drama — both firmly of its time and spectacularly ahead of it.

Anthony Newley stars as an actor who walks off the set of a banal sit-com and into a fantasy world of his own imagination in this surreal odyssey through one man's personal alternative reality. An unpredictable, absurdist fantasy, the series was created by Newley and written by comedy legends Sid Green and Dick Hills (soon to become key writers for Morecambe and Wise).

Restored in High Definition from original 35mm film elements, this limited edition anniversary release also includes:

* Three Saturday Spectacular shows from 1960 featuring Anthony Newley alongside Shirley Bassey, Peter Sellers, Janette Scott, Lionel Blair and others. These variety specials feature Newley’s initial attempts at building the "internal monologue character" that would eventually become Gurney Slade.
* Original Gurney Slade promotional shorts
* Extensive image galleries
* The Small World of Sammy Lee: the classic 1963 British crime film starring Anthony Newley
* The Small World of Sammy Lee special features: newly-discovered archive film material featuring an alternative ending, textless titles and a promotional interview with Anthony Newley
* Commemorative booklet with contributions from Andrew Pixley, Dick Fiddy and Andrew Roberts
* Free streaming of the series' six episodes from today only when you buy the limited edition Blu-ray set. Limited to the UK and Ireland. 

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88th Birthday Celebration Photos

The Prospect Of Whitney Pub, Wapping
September 28, 2019
Photos by Martyn Coates, Paul Perkins, Lesley Glasel
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The plaque


Mike Read and Ian Freeman, Hero Organizers


Tara Newley Arkle


Tara and Tony’s friend, Ric Stoneback


Sue Selfe, Mike Read, Lesley Glasel


Newley Night’s wonderful  Musical Director, Steve Clark


Newley Night Finale


Newley Night Finale

@2019 Sue Selfe